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A Tifa Lockhart Tumblr

An original song for Tifa, devoted to your blog!

Hi, hi! I manage a songwriting project on my blog where I post original songs and devote them to other bloggers. Today’s song is about Tifa Lockhart, and I devoted it to your blog! Your inspiring content helped me during the songwriting process, so thank you! I hope you and your followers enjoy it! — Kavalier Calm

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No, people can tag it with whatever the fuck they want because it's tumblr. If it relates to the person, she/he is obviously going to tag it with their name and there's nothing you can do about it. It's his/her tumblr, not yours, and if you don't like it? Tough. Scroll on past because there will always be never ending hate.

I like these anons. They are trying to defend “different opinions” and “tough, they can do whatever they want.”

Hey about this for an idea: I have different opinions, and I reblogged it as I see fit.

And others appreciated it, so I’m not going to regret it. I just won’t post anymore hate.

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I'm actually glad that you gave a counter argument about why you love Tifa. I think if you hate on something/someone, don't tag it. That's like asking for people to attack you.

Thanks. I actually think I practiced pretty good self restraint for some of the FF confessions (even the non-Tifa ones because I love almost every Final Fantasy character, maybe even all), but it got on my nerves that when I track the Tifa Lockhart tag, I see bullshit reasons for why people hate Tifa. So I think 1/100000 is perfectly fine for this blog, and I think some people appreciated it (like you.)

Plus, I was pretty civil about it. My counter argument was more like an essay addressing the general hate than the person themselves…Until they whined about us taking notice when they freakin’ tagged the confession post AND the whining post. :/ What the hell.

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You can't get bitchy just because someone has hate for Tifa and has their own reasoning. Let it roll off your shoulder--everyone has different opinions. If you don't like it, you don't deserve to run this blog. There will ALWAYS be dislike/hate for a character. Even Tifa.

I reblogged with why I loved Tifa as a counter argument, and basically this blog is meant to show love for Tifa as well as defend her character. If you were even following this blog, you’ll notice that I rarely reblog hate—I’m sure it’ll be the first and last.

And lol @ me not deserving to run this blog. I deserve to run this blog because I try to keep it fairly active, filled with Tifa love, and track the Tifa Lockhart tag for good stuff to reblog. It is annoying as hell when someone tags their hate with my girl’s name, I’m just addressing one as a general rant.

So, I don’t get bitchy just b/c someone hates Tifa/has their own reasoning. I get bitchy because they’re tagging it and then whining about why people can’t just ignore it. And then tagging that whining post with my girl’s name. Again.

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